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Take Control of Your Community

You have worked hard building your community! Now take control of your community or earn more from our innovative solutions than ever before.


Invite your audience to join your exclusive community by sharing your unique & personalised link.


Connect and engage with your audience by creating posts, polls, sharing audio messages, documents, and more


Monetise your content by offering exclusive paid access to your audience through courses,
one-on-one interactions, live webinars, pay-to-view content and more.

Grow your earning with our Monetisation tools

Creators have multipled their earnings by 3x using these monetisation tools.

Elevate Your Brand with a Custom White-Label App

Branded White labeled app and website

Create a personalised digital presence with Rigi! Our platform lets creators design and develop custom apps and websites to meet their unique needs and specifications.

Powerful Engagement

Enhance engagement by using our platform to offer a more immersive experience for your audience with personalised messaging, social sharing, interactive content, and other features.

Personalised Landing Page

With our easy to use platform,  creators can create a personalised landing page that perfectly captures the essence of your community and offerings. 

Multiple Community Types
Choose the perfect community for your needs and goals with Rigi! Create a free community to grow your audience or a paid one to earn from devoted fans. Customise your audience with request-based communities, allowing only those who meet your criteria to join.
Lifetime Free Updates

Get lifetime free updates with Rigi to access the latest features and improve your content creation and monetization experience.


We still have more benefits for YOU

Crafted for needs of creators.

Digital Rights Management

Protect your content from privacy, manage your online reputation management and take down fake social media accounts in your name.

Automated Renewals

Set up automated renewal reminders for customers who have subscribed to your services or purchased a subscription.

Automated Notifications

Utilise automated notifications to keep customers informed about important updates or events related to your business.


Rigi provides creators with advanced analytics tools to track their content's performance and measure audience engagement.

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