3 Simple Ways To Convert Your Followers To Customers

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Rigi offers automated features for creators and influencers at every level to start earning immediately. It enables them to turn their passion into a consistent income stream. However, if you are just starting out or if your branding doesn’t have an edge, things can get frustrating.

Self-promotion can seem like a daunting task to try and make your content appeal to strangers. However, you need a consistent influx of traffic to your content to increase chances of purchase. More impressions on your content translates to more customers.

Here are 3 tips to make your content sell more and convert your followers to potential customers.

1. Posting and Promoting Regularly 

Thousands of posts, ads and whatnot on social media can drown out your content, making it difficult to stand out. People tend to think that a post every 3-4 days is enough and anything more might frustrate followers. The truth is that the amount of content, original and promoted, that comes up in user’s social media feeds overwhelms them. This decreases visibility of your own content.

Hence, it is very important to post and promote your original and paid content regularly. While repetition of the same kind of post everyday can get tedious for a viewing audience, one should find workarounds to post regularly. How should the original and paid content be exactly?

Original content involves regular social media posts that provides some kind of value to your audience. This can also be seen as a good primer for the paid content you intend to post. Imagine seeing the free content from the point of view of an audience. Only if this free content is truly convincing them will they consider buying your paid content.

All paid content should also be promoted regularly whether it be once every few days or even once a week. The best thing to do would be to post about this from different perspectives. If one day you are introducing your paid content through a post, your next post might be about a testimonial from someone who made the purchase. Changing it up makes the content more exciting. 

It is also very important to strike a balance between regular and promotional content. Too much promotion can make things look spammy or like sales content aimed to be lucrative alone.

2. Make the benefits of your premium content clear

Rigi is a great way to sell your premium content. However, it is important to ensure that the content is in fact of a premium quality that creates intrigue and attracts customers. It is equally important to express the premium quality of the content when promoting it on your social media. You need to be very clear about the various benefits of purchasing your content. This can be a Locked Message, Paid Group Subscription, Course, Webinar or anything else.

Here is a quick checklist of questions you can consider when determining if something is worth converting into paid content on Rigi.

  • Is your content offering something genuinely valuable in the particular category?
  • What about it is truly different in terms of value than your free content, or would an audience just settle for the free stuff?
  • Is there an alternative source from which users can get this content for free or at a lower price?
  • If not, how can you express the unique nature of it in a compelling way to encourage purchase?
  • How does the price you envision for it compare to earlier prices you have set?

You will understand buying behaviour better by answering these questions. It will help you optimise your content further to make it more sellable. 

3. Work on Your 1,000 Loyal Followers

In Tim Ferriss’ book ‘Tools of Titans’, he details that to be an acclaimed creator, you don’t millions of viewers, subscribers or customers. You only need 1,000 true fans. True fans are loyal followers who engage and interact regularly with your content. They are the most willing section when it comes to purchasing your content. Gaining these true 1,000 fans can be quick or take place over a period time. It’s important to consistently provide value to these group of folks.

There are, however, two specific criteria for this rule to work that Ferriss talks about.

Create Enough Content

You should be creating enough content to provide to these loyal followers. The math entails that there must be at least enough that you can get $100 profit per year from each of these fans. For an Indian audience, the number can be a little lower. However, this number should be maintained consistently to ensure growth.

Reduce Cuts and Commissions

Many popular creator platforms take a huge cut from the earnings of creators. This is where Rigi can help you. Instead of giving up a huge amount of your income to creator platforms, you can use Rigi’s features and save your hard-earned income. 

An ever-growing follower base that is loyal and consistently purchases your content will ensure a steady income stream for your paid content on Rigi. Rigi also provides free marketing consultations to creators to optimise their content further on social media. Providing consistent and unique value to your customers is most important. Start applying these guidelines to your paid content on Rigi today!

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