One Of India’s Most Exciting Travel Content Creators

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Aakash Malhotra aka WanderWithSky is a mountain boy hailing from Himachal Pradesh, India. His travel related content has been widely acclaimed on social media.

Aakash is an avid traveller and content creator. He is currently on his 42nd country of visit and is on a pursuit to travel the world.

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, he is a self-described adventurer, storyteller, content creator and entrepreneur. His cinematic travel content is viral on Instagram and widely reshared.

Aakash is now one of the biggest travel and adventure content creators with an active community on social media who love to see him explore and wander the world.

WanderWithSky is now a community of over 1 million fans, with a shared mission of seeking happiness and self-discovery while travelling the world.

Aakash’s Instagram is at 688K subscribers as of Jul ’22 and consists of many viral travel videos and reels and shows what a life of adventure can truly be like.

His fast-growing YouTube channel has 80K subscribers as of Jul ’22 and consists of awesome travel videos.

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