Score More Study Less (SMSL) Masterclass

Workshop Organised by Chartered Studies, conducted by Renowned CA & Students Coach

Get ready to Study like a Ranker in just 5 days!

5 days workshop from 23 may to 28 May

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  • Want to speed up your exam preparation and clear exams with good marks?

  • Looking for a mentor who can help and guide you?

  • Feeling demotivated or stressed about your studies?

  • Thinking how to get rid of distractions while studying?

  • Confused about how to study your vast syllabus in limited time?

  • Trying hard but not able to wake up early in the morning to study?

  • If you can relate to any of the above questions, then this Masterclass is for you. This 5 Day workshop combines hours of research, years of experience of guiding and helping students in scoring good marks in exams. The goal of this Masterclass is to help students study effectively and with confidence. Don’t wait to join the masterclass if you’re ready to take your study game at next level.

  • At the end of each session, you’ll be given an interesting and impactful assignments which will take only 15-20 minutes. Students are advised to finish it before attending the next session to make the most of this Masterclass. Any student above 14 years of age is eligible to join this masterclass irrespective of their stream or field of study.

During this Masterclass, you will discover:

The reason why most of students don't achieve their goals.

How to wake up in BRAHMA MAHURATA every day like a clock

How to overcome PROCASTINATION AND DISTRACTIONS while studying

3 Golden Rules to Score More and Study Less

Magical Formula to Score More and Study Less

The hidden secrets of Toppers mind

This Masterclass is for CA Students


5 Days Live Master Class

Session will help you get started and build strong foundation for the Masterclass. The most important thing you'll learn today is how to stay motivated without watching a single motivational video. You'll also come to know what have you been doing wrong at these times.
As a result of this session, you'll get lot of clarity on your goals and motivation to work on your goals tirelessly.
Session will transform you into an early riser to help you hit your goal faster. No matter how many times you've failed in getting up early in the morning, after this session you'll jump out of the bed at 5:00am like a clock every morning for the rest of your life.
Session will get you laser like focus on studies. This will help you get rid of Mobile phone addiction completely. After this session, you'll neither procrastinate nor get distracted by negative thoughts. Your efficiency and concentration level will get improved drastically
Is the most powerful and a breakthrough session in terms of helping students clearing their mental blocks/ myths about studies. It gives them much clarity on their approach towards studies.
As a result of this session, you'll be able to strategise your studies confidently not only score more in exams but also to save your time and use it wisely .
Session will help you understand what differentiates a topper and an average performer.
As a result of this session, you'll get a path to become a better and more powerful version of themselves.

Benefits of this Master Class is :

  • Students will get the recording sessions.
  • You can 100% refund within 3 days if you don’t like the master class 



We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know it's for me?

It’s only for students. Any student above 14 years of age studying in school or pursuing higher qualifications or preparing for any competitive exams and going to appear for exam in the next 2 years. This program is beneficial for all the students irrespective of their field of study.

What time the session will start everyday?

We will send you pre-recorded sessions which you can watch anytime during the day as per your convenience. Recordings will be valid for 24 hours.

What will be the duration of sessions?

The duration of each session will be around 60 minutes

Which platform is used for conducting sessions?

LIVE Q&A Sessions will be conducted on zoom.

Which language the sessions are conducted?

English is the primary language used in the sessions.  

Can I get a refund if I don't like the workshop?

Yes! you can get 100% within the first 3 days if you don’t like the masterclass by sending us a message on whatsapp. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!