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Navigating Smart Money, Stocks, Mutual Funds, and Options

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Sanjay Jaswani

Sanjay Jaswani (UN awardee, Padmashri Nominee. Team of Eco, CA, CS, CFA, LLB)

Sanjay Jaswani

Meet Sanjay Jaswani, the visionary founder and Director of Target Accounts, an esteemed luminary in the field of stock market education and personal finance. With a profound academic background in economics, Sanjay brings over 12 years of extensive experience in stock market investing and trading to the forefront.

Sanjay’s influence extends beyond the realm of finance, as he has emerged as a social media trailblazer with an impressive following of over half a million individuals across various platforms. As a revered influencer, he has leveraged his digital presence to disseminate invaluable financial insights and strategies, resonating with a vast audience seeking guidance in navigating the intricate landscape of investments.

Perks Of This Course 📖

Learn Safest Investment Strategies

Discover methods to protect and grow your wealth with low-risk investment approaches.

Advanced Investment Techniques

Master advanced strategies to maximize your returns and explore lucrative opportunities.

Become a Pro Trader

Gain expertise in trading techniques and strategies to navigate the markets like a professional. wealth with low-risk investment approaches.

Mastering Options Trading

Learn to leverage options to your advantage and enhance your investment & Trading strategies (₹)

Personal Finance Algorithms

Learn the basics and Advance Personal Finance algorithms and how they can optimize your personal finance decisions.

3 Minutes a Week Investment

Discover efficient ways to manage your investments in just a few minutes each week.

2x-3x Return on FD

Unlock the secrets to achieve higher returns compared to traditional fixed deposits, while ensuring safety.

Unearth Multi-bagger Stocks

Identify potential multi-bagger stocks to significantly grow your investments.

Suitable for All Levels

No prior knowledge required; the course starts from absolute basics, making it accessible for beginners and as well as anyone who have years of experience.

Live Market Discussions

Engage in real-time market discussions to enhance your understanding and make informed decisions. Live Market Practical Trading.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Get your questions answered directly by Sanjay Sir for a deeper grasp of the topics

Investment in American Companies

Explore opportunities in the US market and diversify your investment portfolio internationally.

Insurance Hacks

Learn valuable strategies to make the most of your insurance plans and optimize coverage

Premium Management

Avoid getting stuck in insurance and premium-related complications with expert guidance & much Mo₹e

Course Available ⚡️

The highly demanded course of Sanjay Jaswani which includes multiple intraday and swing strategies as well as the premiere choice of serious aspiring traders is now live here. If you are someone who is looking:

Who Can Join This Course 🙌


This helps to add an additional income source by making profits from the stock

Business Owners

This helps to additional profits which they can reinvest and enjoy big returns in long term


This helps to achieve their financial goals and long-term saving for their family.

Job holders

This helps to have an additional income source besides their current jobs.

To become the master of money and make it earn more for you every day.

How to get access? 🙌

The course access would be via Rigi app (can be viewed on desktop too). So just download and use your registered number/email id and you would be able to access the course.

Here you will get 🙌

3 Live Market Trading Sessions
LIVE QnA Sessions Directly WIth Me
Physical Copy Of My Best Selling Book
Certificate of Commencement
Pass to attend any one Offline Event or Personal Meetup Secret Website access during course
Access to Premium Tools, Calculators, Apps ,FREE DEMAT Account

Do You have Any Queries With This Course? 🤔

What is Finance With Sanjay’s Advance Classes are all about?

Finance with Sanjay is an exclusive members only community where the goal for everyone is to become financially independent as soon as possible & Sanjay Sir give the right knowledge and path to move forward in it. The course is curated with Target Accounts, Sanjay Sir’s team with being all Professionals in team CA, CS, CFAs, Engineers, Economics major etc. This course will help you throughout life, that’s a surity.

How is this different from other online courses?

Firstly, we are not just "another online course". Our learning modules are only one aspect of our membership but the catch is you’re learning from professionals and experienced Coach,
We also have email and WhatsApp newsletters, online livestream sessions, offline exclusive events, and much more, live market sessions and much more

When and how will I get access to The Finance With Sanjay Course after payment?

Once you complete payment, you will receive email and WhatsApp communication with specific instructions on how to get started.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 3 day refund policy where you get full refund of your payment.

NOTE: We Don’t Believe In Get-Rich-Quick Programs. We Believe In Hard Work, Adding Values And Serving Others. And That’s What Our Programs Are Designed To Help You Do.

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