Portfolio CleanUP

Get your portfolio analysed and cleaned up by
SEBI registered Research Analyst

Why get a portfolio clean up?

Get rid of capital jammers!

Don't pray for break-even-price, it may never come, instead
use the freed capital to buy good stocks to recover the loss
and grow your wealth

Tax-loss harvesting and Profit reaping advice to reduce
LTCG tax bill

Sounds intimidating? These are strategies used by the rich to
get richer and reduce their real vs perceived income gap. It is 0
risk strategy and our research analyst will help you achieve

Bring portfolio to ideal size of 12 stocks. Retain only
those stocks which are best for YOU.

If you are someone who does not want to take risk with
capital, then a risky stock with high reward but low probability
of success will not be retained in your portfolio, but a less risky
stock with consistent profit potential will be retained.

1-on-1 connect with RA

You get a 30 min on call explanation of the research report to
help you grasp the technical jargons, make the your next
actions clear with timeframe and logic for your absolute

A simplified and actionable report with clear cut advice

For each stock in the portfolio will get:


– if the stock is expected to perform well within your holding period – HOLD

-if the stock is expected to decline – SELL

-if the stock is below your entry price and in loss, at the same time if it is not over

allocated within the portfolio then ADD MORE to average your price.


Expected short term and long term Target levels

Stop loss level to maintain for risk management

Key support and resistance levels to lookout for


For those with curiosity to know and learn- Short summary of the analysis

that went behind each stock in your portfolio


I will built you a neat tracker on Google sheet and walk you through the

usage when you take portfolio analysis. This will have live prices and

automatically update the profit loss amounts and percentage, distance

from profit and loss, will assist you in capital management in your future holdings.


You can avail the portfolio analysis every quarter or 6 months and ensure

you portfolio is on the right track to achieve your portfolio goals (additional fee).


This is not limited to stocks only, you can include mutual funds also for analysis.

Count one MF as one stock.

Steps for porcess

  1. Select the number of stocks to be analysed
  2. Make payment
  3. Share the following details: Name of stocks, Quantity, Average Cost.
    You can also download your holding report and share.
    You can also download your holding report and send
    to kavita@exp-invest.in or WhatsApp  +919836452228 or Telegram @kavitastockhelp