The big Layered Chocolate pastry edition is finally here! This series is designed to  break down complex layers into simple yet exceptional fillings which require no freezing time, can be made within a day and are out of this world delicious! Each cake has fillings and frostings that can be interchanged to create more than 50 flavours and textures. This class will show you how to perfectly prepare refined flavours, assemble cakes without moulds, create multiple layers that are stable without any dowels, stack tall cakes with perfect structure and measurements,get stunning cuts and decorate cakes with simple techniques that indicate the flavour profile of the cake. 

You will additionally learn how to make a moist, decadent and sturdy chocolate sponge(both eggless and egg based) especially created for tall cakes that promise stability and flavour. With over 20 completely eggless and gelatin free fillings and frostings be prepared to be blown away in this edition!


Moist chocolate sponge
Stable Pistaché Butternache
Smetana cream filling
Raspberry confit
Raspberry caramel

Untitled design (2)


Moist Chocolate sponge
Davidoff coffee Cremé
Hot chocolate namelaka
Hazelnut praline croustillant