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Rigi allows you to create secure paid webinars and workshops on Zoom with no restriction on audience numbers. Attendees simply pay and receive a unique invite link which ensures complete security.

Create A Paid Zoom Webinar In Just 3 Steps:

1. Create Rigi Account

Install Rigi App and create Rigi account with your mobile number

2. Add Details

Add details for your paid Zoom webinar like Topic, Date, Perks etc.

3. Set A Price

Set a custom price for users to pay and join.

Rigi Makes It Easy To Earn With Paid Zoom Webinars

No Uninvited Attendees

Rigi ensures that attendees for your paid webinar or paid workshop receive unique links once they pay. Only one registered member may join using the unique link they receive. This ensure that there are no uninvited attendees in your webinar or workshop.

Member Identities Kept Hidden

Rigi ensures that your webinar or workshop attendees’ identities are kept hidden so that their data is protected.

Webinar Recordings Available

Your webinar or workshop will be recorded and made available for further use. The recordings themselves may also be made available on the Rigi app for interested viewers to pay and access.

Hassle-Free Payment Collection and Tracking

Payment collection from sales of your digital goods is now a seamless process with Rigi. You can also track and analyze your earnings with Rigi’s Creator Dashboard feature.

Benefits Of Pay-To-Join Webinars On Rigi

Completely Free To Create

Frictionless User Onboarding

Multiple, Secure Payment Options

Hidden Member Identities

Guides To Get Started

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