5 Easy Tips For Beginners To Make Kickass Content

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Knowing how important good content is, it’s difficult not to be a little worried about creating it.

The most helpful tip for beginners who are new to the process is to “think like a prospect.”

As a result, you’ll be in the ideal position to generate content for which consumers will gladly engage and possibly share their contact information. 

Here’s a quick checklist you can follow of tips and techniques when creating content for yourself or for a small business, to improve your game! 

1. Determine Your Ideal Customer

Create targeted content for your ideal customer.

Before you start writing or recording videos, ask yourself who your ideal client is.

This means you need to clearly define how old your clients are, where they live, what their interests are and how they speak.

2. Make Sure To Evoke Positive Emotions

The only people who are willing to make a purchase of are those people who feel positive and comfortable about you as a creator and about the goods or services you offer.

When creating content, give your best to evoke positive emotion in readers or viewers.

The goal of your content should be to convey a cordial tone also. If it is purely informative, you cannot expect it to motivate people to buy.

3. Plan Your Content In Advance

Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your content scheduling.

The best way to improve the quality of the content you create and also to reduce the pressure on yourself, is to plan the content in advance.

There are plenty of tools available online that help schedule your content in advance, and to make sure that there are no long gaps in your posting schedule.

4. Don’t Forget to Add a CTA

Never be embarrassed to invite people to engage with your content.

No matter what topic you focus on when you create content, it is essential that there is always a CTA (Call-To-Action) at the end of the content.

Ask folks to like, share and save for later.

5. Use Mind Maps To Ideate

Mind maps form a great tool to brainstorm your content ideas.

When creating content, the central concept will be the topic you want to write about or the message you want to convey to your audience.

Mind maps are a tool that can help form a cohesive design and help in brainstorming while still holding on to the crux of the topic you choose to make content about.

Content creation is something where you need to spend a lot of time improving your content, posting regularly and building a community. Rather than expecting immediate results or your content going viral overnight, stick to a plan and keep improving the content for your audience.

If you’re looking for some pro tips from the biggest creators, try watching Colin and Samir’s YouTube channel where they have interviews with the top creators including Mr. Beast, Ryan Trahan and more.

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