A Massive Indian YouTuber You Don’t Know About

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Who is Arvind Arora of A2 Motivation?

Arvind Arora, from Rajasthan, now has a record-setting achievement as an individual YouTuber, having the highest views in India with more than 4 billion views on his channel A2 Motivation.

A2 Motivation is currently also the top-ranked YouTube Shorts channel in the nation and at 27th position in the world.

Arvind’s Journey
Arvind got to his current position after years of struggle. In his early days, his family ran a shopkeeping business in Jaipur. After completing high school, his family urged him to follow the path of his father in the same shopkeeping business. However, Arvind decided to go against the tide and pursued an engineering degree on a student loan.

By the end of his college years, he strived towards becoming self-reliant. His first job after college gave him only a meagre salary of ₹11,000. To compensate for the low income, he started his own coaching centre for the GATE entrance exams. All the advertising and attracting students were done by him as within 2 years, his GATE coaching institute gained nearly 200 students.

After a fallout with his partner who ran the institute, he moved to Gujarat and spent some time reading and engaging in spiritual practices to get back on track. With a mindset to lead and determined to make it, he transitioned to becoming a Chemistry teacher.

He made a YouTube channel called Made Easy where he uploaded Chemistry related videos. He eventually all started creating short videos on TikTok which became extremely popular and gained him around 7 million followers on the vertical video platform.

Although TikTok got banned in India shortly afterwards, this experience gave him an upper edge because when YouTube launched its Shorts platform, Arvind had 1100 short vertical videos ready to go.

Within just 8 months of starting uploading Shorts, he gained 8.8 million subscribers.

He currently owns a whopping 9 YouTube Play Buttons.

He has been featured in Josh Talks and interviewed by Radio City.

Arvind’s YouTube Strategy : 

Arvind comes up with three videos a day, and works consistently to deliver the best content on YouTube.

Although he has many loyal fans from his video content, Arvind Arora still remains a relatively lesser known name in the Indian YouTube scene, especially as compared to many other creators in the Entertainment category.

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