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Rigi allows you to instantly create and sell your own pay-to-access courses. Create unlimited courses of educational content for your audience all accessible on the Rigi app.

Create A Paid Course In Just 3 Steps:

1. Create Rigi Account

Install Rigi App and create Rigi account with your mobile number

2. Add Details

Add details of your course and upload course material.

3. Set A Price

Set a custom price for users to pay and access your course.

Rigi Makes It Easy To Earn With Courses

Free and Instant Course Creation

Rigi ensures that your course is instantly created once you upload the contents and ready to be sold. No delays or approval process for the course to be uploaded.


No Screen Recording Of Courses

Rigi ensures that your uploaded course material is kept secure by prevention of screen recording on devices.

Upload Unlimited Courses With Upto 1GB Of Content Per Lesson

You can create an unlimited number of courses on the Rigi app on any topic of your choice. Each lesson in your course can have up to 1GB of media content.

Hassle-Free Payment Collection and Tracking

Payment collection from sales of your digital goods is now a seamless process with Rigi. You can also track and analyze your earnings with Rigi’s Creator Dashboard feature.

Benefits of Paid Courses On Rigi

Completely Free To Create

Frictionless User Onboarding

Multiple, Secure Payment Options

No Screen Recording

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